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Gyotei KAMIYA only uses fresh fish and vegetables according to season and you can also enjoy fine beef from the Hida region.

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Munesuke Kamiya

Born in Aichi Prefecture. Cooking apprentice at Japanese Inn "Chitosero" Nagoya, famous for exquisite cuisine, At age 19 came to Tokyo to study under Master Sanki (Mr. Hiroyasu Takeuchi) and working at wellknown Restaurants such as "Hamada Ya" Ningyo-cho, Fugu Restaurant "Momiji" Akasaka, "Matsushima" Shintomi-cho.
From 1969 at age 24 Berne Switzerland working as the first Japanese chef in Switzerland at Bellevue Palace Hotel . From 1970-1978 London, General Manager at Japanese Restaurant chain "Hiroko" and JAC Tazaki Group .
Back to Japan at age 33 with wife and 2 children employed at Restaurant "Kikumi" in Shinjuku and Kasumigaseki. 1987 opened Gourmet Club "Kikurin". 1994 opened Restaurant "Kamiya". Since 2000 Akebono-bashi Gyotei "Kamiya".

Monika Kamiya

Born and raised in Germany, worked in five star Hotels in Germany, Switzerland and England. Met husband Munesuke in Berne Switzerland, working at Bellevue Palace Hotel. After living in London 8 years came to Japan in 1978.
Restaurant Kamiya was established in 1994. "We take pride in our cooking at Gyotei Kamiya and do our utmost to accomodate wishes and requests you might have and make sure you and your guests can enjoy superb food in a relaxed atmosphere. Don't hesitate to consult us, we are able to assist you in English and German".